All Vintage Inspired Signs

Vintage Inspired Signs

A charming wall hanging with a clever saying is a wonderful final touch to any vintage room. The perfect sign can brighten a room and bring joy and positivity into the space, besides being a fun, time-period appropriate stylistic addition. There are a lot of different kinds of vintage-inspired signs available at A Cottage in the City!

We have tin, wooden, and farm-style signs available to customers who are looking for the ideal decorative piece to complete their home décor.

Metal Milk Cows Advertising Sign
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Vintage Tin Signs

Our vintage inspired tin signs offer authentic-looking decoration options for your home. No matter whether you want to make your guests laugh or inspire them to consider the meaningful things in life, A Cottage in the City has a tin sign for you!


This “When Life Gives You Lemons” tin sign is great for any room of the house. It would make a clever addition to the kitchen, or an amusing wall hanging in the living or dining rooms. Created with lightly distressed metal and vibrant blue and yellow colors, this sign will fit with a shabby chic, farmhouse, or eclectic vintage interior design style.


A comparable sign in a different style is our “Coffee” sign, which is made with rusted metal and embossed lettering and borders and fits well in a kitchen, dining room, or coffee nook. This piece looks truly antique, and with its sturdy metal it will be around for many years to come!


Looking for something more modern and fashionable, yet with a clear vintage inspired style? Our “Fluff and Fold Laundry” metal sign adds a dose of lovely vintage style to the laundry area in your home. This sign uses vintage lettering with a high-contrast black-on-white design to invoke thoughts of times gone with a shiny, eye-catching sheen.

Vintage Wood Signs

Vintage wood signs are particularly well suited to rustic, southwestern, or farmhouse style homes, but no matter which interior design style you’re drawn to, A Cottage in the City has a wide array of wooden sign options to suit your personal style.


The “At This Table…” wooden sign is made from reclaimed wood and features a multi-shade wood background with an inspiring set of sayings about the importance of family. This sign will gently remind family members to tune out all distractions and focus on what’s important during holiday gatherings and family dinners while also serving as a decorative yet rugged wall piece.


For those who love a dash of humor in their wall décor, the “Dishes We Meet Again” block sign will be a wonderful addition to a vintage-style kitchen. This sign is certainly something that everyone can relate to! Another relatable sign, the “Happy Place” white wood sign, features a heavily distressed finish and engraved lettering that reminds guests that the home is a place for peace and happiness.

Vintage Farm Signs

If your house is decorated in the farmhouse style, then vintage farm signs are must-have decorations to complete the look and feel of your home. Having a vintage style sign that brings out the farmhouse charm will ensure that your design style is both coherent and cozy.


Our “Dried Herbs” sign is both functional as well as decorative. Made from black metal with embossed white letters, this sign is not only attractive, but it also includes eight convenient hooks for drying herbs! If you like functional yet stylish pieces, unleash the baker inside you with the “Hometown Baking” sign! Made with rusted white metal and embossed lettering, this sign works well in the kitchen, dining room, or wherever you store or display your baked goods in your home.


No farmhouse style home is complete without a sign proclaiming farm-fresh crops. The “Fresh Produce” sign has embossed lettering and is lightly distressed with high contrast and vibrant colors, perfect for underscoring the hard work done in the household while also placing an emphasis on cleanliness and style.