Unique Wall Clocks

A wall clock can be an essential feature in every home. Unlike many other pieces of wall decor, wall clocks combine function with beauty and style to any room. Very few wall hangings and other wall decor are able to double the design element the way wall clocks do!

Train Station Clock
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Industrial Metal & Wood Wall Clock
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Enamel Rectangle Wall Clock
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Whether you’re looking for a conversation-starter or just the perfect piece to bring together the theme of a room, our wall clocks help you reach your interior design goals. With a diverse and stylish selection of unique wall clocks, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our collection!

Stylish & Unique Wall Clocks

We have clocks inspired by different decades within the last century, each one with a story to tell and a distinctive style. Our unique pocket-watch style wall clocks are beautifully eye-catching, but the hanging enamel scale clock is also hard to ignore! As design elements, stand-out wall clocks can bring together the theme of a space.

The materials used to make each item are carefully curated to have an old-time look and feel. When you’re designing a vintage farmhouse style room, it’s important to have truly vintage-looking decor! Everything from the look of brushed metal, faded paint, rust, and other signs of wear-and-tear are lovingly included in every finished product.

A wall clock is an essential item in any well-designed room. When a room has an expertly chosen wall clock, it feels cohesive, warm and inviting. Clocks enhance the beauty of a space while the movement of a clock as it counts time brings life and a sense of humanity to every home.

Our wall clocks are carefully designed and selected to reflect a vintage aesthetic that can tie together any era-specific designed theme. People who adore a 50s interior design style or who want to base their home on a late 20 century industrial design theme are sure to find just the right wall clock at A Cottage in the City.

Functional Wall Clocks

In addition to being a beautiful design element, wall clocks are also practical and serve an important purpose in the home. Have you ever wanted to take a day away from all of your electronic devices? Having a wall clock, enables you to put your mobile phone away and keep track of time the old-fashioned way without all the other distractions.

But even if you’re not trying to avoid technology, having a clock on the wall within easy sight can be a valuable asset whether realized or not. You have a busy schedule and knowing what time it is ensures that you won’t be late for life's important moments. Rest assured, no matter the here-and-now of your daily life, with our beautifully designed wall clocks, you’ll always have a beautiful place to watch the time....