Rustic Picture Frames

Rustic Picture Frames

Do you need to put the finishing touches on your foyer or living room space? If you’ve worked hard to create the warm, rustic feel of a farmhouse design, then you need the perfect finishing touches to really take that look the full distance down the country road to grassy meadows filled with buttercups and grazing sheep. One of the ways to do this is through attention to those final details that will make your space convincingly vintage. Rustic picture frames are the perfect finishing decorations that can be used to make any room or space (even hallways or stairwells!) feel like a special, rural hideaway.

Our line of rustic picture frames can be used to decorate walls or shelving spaces. They can even be used to make desk spaces more interesting or as special holiday decorations, with thematically appropriate photos that you display only once each year with other seasonal trinkets.


At A Cottage in the City, we offer a line of rustic picture frames that add important details to living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and kitchen spaces. The Red Ticking Picture Frame with a beige and red-striped design and the Red Plaid Fabric Picture Frame are two excellent examples of photo display options that add that extra layer of detail to shelf spaces situated behind a couch or on an old trunk at the end of a bed that needs some added color. Both feature fabric rather than hard materials to imbibe the welcoming warmth and softness that has made the farmhouse style famous.


But maybe you need to finish a room or an area with something that can stand on its own as a focal point. Picture frames can be used to grab the attention of visitors, to start a conversation or to invite familiar visitors to chuckle at memories they haven’t recalled for a long time. The Marketplace Photo Frame Stand is an excellent example of a rustic picture frame that can be used to add that final touch to a space in need of Wow Factor. This frame is solidly made with heavy iron and a brass finish and it brings to mind the old store display signs from the past to create an antique feel to any space.


Or choose the Vintage Drawer Pull Photo Holder as a captivatingly unique display tool. This is the perfect finishing piece for an office space in need of some sprucing and detail, but it would also go well on a mantel filled with other unique photo frames and trinkets, like our Wood Door Picture Frame or the Quilted Ceiling Tin Frame. Use these pieces to create eye-candy in a room that needs a focal point, or a space that needs warmth and interest.


Of course, you might be searching for something to blend in rather than to stand out. We have rustic picture frames for that too! Perhaps you’re looking for finishing touches that will go well with other items on a shelf or wall-hangings on the wall in a hallway or stairwell. If that’s the case, consider our Recycled Wood Frames that are both charming and ecologically friendly. These rectangular wood frames are each unique and they can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall in transitional areas of the home to help you display the photos that mean the most to you.