Retro Kitchen Accessories

Retro Kitchen Accessories

Retro kitchen accessories are attractive and useful in any home as a way to round out a completely vintage style kitchen or to simply add a bit of rustic flair to a more modern space. Whether you want an effective, stylish way to store your sugar and flour, like with our Blue and White Ceramic Kitchen Canisters, or if you want a witty and clever vintage sign to adorn your kitchen walls, we have a little bit of everything just for you!

Antique Style Rolling Pin
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Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are staple retro kitchen accessories. A well-chosen salt and pepper shaker set will leave guests talking even after the gathering is over, and it will also help you keep your essentials sorted while you’re creating your next delicious masterpiece.


These White Barn Salt and Pepper Shakers are made of high quality white ceramic and are designed to look like classic farmhouses with an elegant embossed design that is perfect for any rustic farmhouse home. Pair these shakers with the matte gray Stoneware Barn Butter Dish for a complete tabletop set! 


For homes designed in a shabby chic or eclectic vintage style, these Wood Beaded Salt Pepper Mills are a spectacular choice. Simple and sophisticated, the white washed wood finish is lightly faded while the silver buttons on top shine brightly. The Norden Salt Pepper Shakers offer a different aesthetic for the retro home with a vintage style black pattern on a white ceramic background.

Measuring Cups and Pitchers

A good set of measuring cups and pitchers is a must-have for any avid baker or cook. So why not make your measuring cups both stylish as well as functional?


These Copper Measuring Cups are ideal for cooks who prefer lightweight retro kitchen accessories. The shiny copper finish and perfected measurements of these cups is wonderful for cooking up tasty family recipes. If you prefer a colorful and unique designs, these Floral Measuring Cups make a playful countertop kitchen accessory when they’re not actively in use. Do you have to make a lot of mathematical conversions in your kitchen? Check out this convenient vintage style conversion chart!


Whether you need to keep a liquid ready to the side while cooking or if you need a stylish way to present some fresh lemonade for guests, pitchers are essential retro kitchen accessories. This set of 3 Reactive Glass Stoneware Pitchers is ideal for a farmhouse style home, while this Vintage Reproduction White Pitcher made of stoneware will complete any authentic retro kitchen or dining room accessory set.


Scales and Organizational Tools

Function is just as important as form in a kitchen, and this is especially true when it comes to retro kitchen accessories. Scales, plate racks, and cup holders are all essential vintage kitchen accessories and will complete the final aesthetic of any retro kitchen.


This Black Metal Scale is sleek and stylish while also serving its purpose effectively. The black finish on this scale means that it will blend well with almost any color scheme or vintage design theme, while the style of the scale itself remains true to authentic retro style.


Having a way to organize delicate and pretty teacups is a necessity, and with this Distressed White Metal Cup Holder you can store them in style for your guests to see. Meanwhile, store your best china or ceramic plates in this vintage Aged Metal Plate Rack.