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Sugarboo Designs:

Items from the Sugarboo collection have a whimsical and inspiring feel. Celebrating the joy and beauty in life, a Sugarboo design will uplift and inspire you. These art prints make a perfect additions to any room.

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Sugarboo History:

Artist Rebecca Puig is the creator of Sugarboo. The brand's name is a combination of her children's nicknames.

The Sugarboo collection is inspired by children's art family, nature, and animals. A Sugarboo art print will make a perfect addition to any home.

The Message in a Sugarboo Art Piece:    

The theme of the Sugarboo collection is meant to encourage an individual to remember the beauty found in everyday life. Some of the deep quotes contained  in these paintings are "courage, dear heart", "just one life", and " these are the good old days".

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