Tubs, Buckets & Containers

Vintage Tubs, Buckets, and Containers

Containers serve many purposes. They can be used for storage, to plant a garden, or to display treasured items. When used properly for interior design, tubs, buckets, and containers can be used as accent pieces as well as functional items. At A Cottage in the City, we offer an array of vintage and farmhouse-style containers that can be used in a wide variety of different settings throughout the home.

Holiday Metal Bucket
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Vintage Containers

The Patina Tulip Urn is a beautiful design piece that can be used like a vase or simply put on display as an empty vessel. This piece is interesting enough to sit by itself on a mantel or be displayed as part of a diorama of other antiques, depending on your needs. Combine the urn with our Glass Jar with Metal Lid to create a convincingly antique display on any shelf in your home.


In contrast to the Patina Urn, the Vintage Bulb Sifting Crate, offers a very different display option. This wooden piece with a metal mesh bottom can be used to add texture or authenticity to a display featuring other vintage items. Combine either the Patina Urn and the Vintage Sifting Crate with our Vintage Style Canvas Book Storage Box to create a convincing antique-looking display that can also function as a secret stash for storing small, but treasured items.

Metal Buckets

Not all metal buckets are made the same. And our Finley Metal Buckets really drive this point home! Each are sold individually in sizes small, medium, or large and they can be used to display anything from towels to fresh flowers depending on their location in the home. Buy one of each size to create a display that’s especially pleasing to the eye.

If our Finley Buckets don’t quite fit your needs and you need a truly exceptional piece to catch the eye, consider our Metal Double Caddy Buckets that also come in three sizes. These galvanized metal buckets each have two compartments and a wooden handle. Or consider our Two-Tier Copper Finish Metal Buckets if you really need a design element that stands out with distinction! This rare design is so solid, it can be used next to the fireplace to store wood or set it in the corner of your bathroom as a shelving unit for bath towels.

Tin Buckets

Anyone who has worked with a vintage or farmhouse style knows that tin buckets can be used in a number of different settings to create interest and also add functionality to spaces that would otherwise go unused. Our Old Tin Garden Pail with Wood Handle is an excellent addition to interior rooms or even patio spaces. These metal pails with embossed designs can be used on the kitchen counter to store utensils or they can be placed as a centerpiece to hold bouquets of flowers depending on your needs.


The Old Filigree Tin Pot is another decorative option that’s available in three sizes to fit absolutely any space. Though these tin pots are popular as flower pots, some of our customers have used them to store kitchen utensils, hand-towels, or even wash-cloths for guests. The decorative edging along the top of these simple pots add detail and interest.


The Distressed Dog Treat Tin is an unforgettable piece that unmistakably tells guests, “I love my dog!” It’s an entirely different decorative item with lots of character that creates a laid back impression. It features a Boston Terrier on the exterior of the box and the distressed paint gives it an antique appearance. Store dog treats in this attractive patina box and expect that it will start many conversations with guests.